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After waching ‘Beauty And The Beast’

 Longtime no see😝. Today I bring new topic. I’m going to talk about the movie ‘Beauty And The Beast’. 😁😁⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

 I watched a movie ‘Beauty And The Beast’ with my older sister. Originally, it was a movie that appeared in Disney movies. However, acting in real life was more realistic and interesting.

When main character ‘Bell’ asked her father to have a rose for her birthday, he got a rose from the Beast’s secret garden and was caught by the Beast and Be fettered by the Beast’s castle. But Bell helped Dad and decided to let Bell in the castle instead. While Bell was in castle, he shared his library and served delicious food, and became friendly with each other. After meeting the true love, Beast met with the Bell and turned into a handsome prince. This movie is the movie that I admire because the characters are so handsome and beautiful.hh. Also, the scene where Bell and Beast were together was wonderful. Seeing this movie, I decided not to judge a person by his looks. Because Beast was a deep man unlike his looks. If I have a chance, I want to watch this movie again.

Srian chemical weapons disaster

Today I’ll talk about current news. I was trobled to chose the topic. I was going to talk you about changing South Korea president but I changed because there hs more sad and big news. So today, I’ll talk about Syrian chemical weapon disaster.
Use of chemical weapons in thr Syrian civil war has been confirmed by United Nation.
April 2017, a chemical attack on Khan Shay Kun (village in the syria). A chemical weapons missile attack on a fighter jet suspected of belonging to Syrian troops killed 100 people and 400 people hurted. The chemical weapons disaster occured again in four years since the deatf of 280 syrian in 2013. Witness of chemicals weapons attacked told ” The inhabitants fell down and get complain of breathing difficulties.”, “A mushroon cloud has arisen after a missile attack”.
This issue makes me bit upset because many people gone away. It’s terrible to think about it. I wish never happen again.



Survey in KISH!!🐥

Thank you for visiting my blog again^^. Today a want to talk you about survey in KISH.

《Which country do you want to travel the most?》

In my project, I found out which country do grade 8th want to travel the most. I compared boys and girls. 20 students were boys and 20 students were girls.

Among girls, the most popular that they wanted to travel was Japan. 10 students wanted to travel Japan. More people wanted to travel Japan than America. 6 students want to travel America. The least popular country that they want to travel was Taiwan. Nobody wanted to travel Taiwan.

Among boys, The most popular country that they want to travel was America. 7 students wanted to travel America. More people want to travel America than Japan. 5 Students wanted to travel Japan. The least popular country that they want to travel was Taiwan. Only 1 student wanted to travel Taiwan.

In summary, Japan was the most popular country to travel. 15 students wanted to travel Japan. The least popular country to travel was taiwan. Only 1 student wanted to travel Taiwan.

About it, I want to travel Japan the most than Taiwan. The reason why I chose this topic was because, I really love to taking a photo. If I travel other country, I could take a lot of various culture photo. So I chose this topic and did the survey.

The most difficult part in the process of collecting data was about doing the survey. Many students refuse my survey question more than I thought. So it was the most hard part of the chart. But it would be good memory from my life of the school.

Finally, I want to show you  my bar chart. I really made it sincerely. Do you think it is cool?😎😎2017-04-03-17-35-18.jpg

Thank you for reading my third blog❤. Visit my blog again^^!

My daily life of my school🐷

Hi everyone!! Thank you for visit to my blog again:). Today, i’m going to tell you about my daily life of my school^^. Lets go!!!
I’ve been KISH since I was grade 5. Now i’m grade 8.Everyday,i go to library in KISH. KISH’s library is bigger and more tidy than another school.
I love P.E class, because we can move feedom. I also love music class . No reason but i love it!
At lunchtime, i alwalys enjoy to eating popcorn chicken in caffeterria.
Every breaktime, my boys classmate go to the gym to play basket ball. When they come back to class, they smell very bad. They always showee with swet. So they could be hot, but my girls classmate aren’t hot enough to turn on the air conditioner. So we sometimes fight to turn on the air conditioner or not.
Sometimes i’m upset, happy of my life in KiSH, but the most reasons of how can i adapted in this school was because of my classmate^^.

About Me🐥

Hi?  I’m JooWon. I’m 15 years old and from Korea, but i’m living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Im in KISH 8th grade.
Now, i want to tell you about me.(KISH⬇)


  • My favorite hobby : Listening to music, swimming, playing the piano or flute and taking a photo⬇.CYMERA_20170319_190342
  • I’m good at…: Playing instrument(piano, flute, Ukulele, clarinet….)
  • Favorite food: chicken, chocolate, cheeze….
  • Favorite subjet: English, P.E, Music and Art.
  • Favorite famous person: Nam Ju Hyeok  (Model/Actor)⬇.FB_IMG_1488810738384
  • Favorite charactor: Patric star⬇⬇, Moomins, Snowball and Minions.1412693208265_OldPatrickStock5-25-13.png


I also have lovely 4dogs.They are all Yourksheir Terrior.⬇








My dream is Nurse. The reason why I dream nurse is…I really love to volunteer for who needs our helps.

Thank you for visit and enjoy my blog:).