About Me🐥

Hi?  I’m JooWon. I’m 15 years old and from Korea, but i’m living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Im in KISH 8th grade.
Now, i want to tell you about me.(KISH⬇)


  • My favorite hobby : Listening to music, swimming, playing the piano or flute and taking a photo⬇.CYMERA_20170319_190342
  • I’m good at…: Playing instrument(piano, flute, Ukulele, clarinet….)
  • Favorite food: chicken, chocolate, cheeze….
  • Favorite subjet: English, P.E, Music and Art.
  • Favorite famous person: Nam Ju Hyeok  (Model/Actor)⬇.FB_IMG_1488810738384
  • Favorite charactor: Patric star⬇⬇, Moomins, Snowball and Minions.1412693208265_OldPatrickStock5-25-13.png


I also have lovely 4dogs.They are all Yourksheir Terrior.⬇








My dream is Nurse. The reason why I dream nurse is…I really love to volunteer for who needs our helps.

Thank you for visit and enjoy my blog:).


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