My daily life of my school🐷

Hi everyone!! Thank you for visit to my blog again:). Today, i’m going to tell you about my daily life of my school^^. Lets go!!!
I’ve been KISH since I was grade 5. Now i’m grade 8.Everyday,i go to library in KISH. KISH’s library is bigger and more tidy than another school.
I love P.E class, because we can move feedom. I also love music class . No reason but i love it!
At lunchtime, i alwalys enjoy to eating popcorn chicken in caffeterria.
Every breaktime, my boys classmate go to the gym to play basket ball. When they come back to class, they smell very bad. They always showee with swet. So they could be hot, but my girls classmate aren’t hot enough to turn on the air conditioner. So we sometimes fight to turn on the air conditioner or not.
Sometimes i’m upset, happy of my life in KiSH, but the most reasons of how can i adapted in this school was because of my classmate^^.


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