Srian chemical weapons disaster

Today I’ll talk about current news. I was trobled to chose the topic. I was going to talk you about changing South Korea president but I changed because there hs more sad and big news. So today, I’ll talk about Syrian chemical weapon disaster.
Use of chemical weapons in thr Syrian civil war has been confirmed by United Nation.
April 2017, a chemical attack on Khan Shay Kun (village in the syria). A chemical weapons missile attack on a fighter jet suspected of belonging to Syrian troops killed 100 people and 400 people hurted. The chemical weapons disaster occured again in four years since the deatf of 280 syrian in 2013. Witness of chemicals weapons attacked told ” The inhabitants fell down and get complain of breathing difficulties.”, “A mushroon cloud has arisen after a missile attack”.
This issue makes me bit upset because many people gone away. It’s terrible to think about it. I wish never happen again.




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